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Laid Back Jack

Jack Wolf Laid Back Jack re release.

August 17, 2023

Some exciting news from Jack Wolf Knives this week….the re-release of the laid-back jack will be available 8/18/2023 at 1pm CST. What is so exciting about this knife? Well, for one thing I am excited about the handle options including rosewood, purple kirinite, and titanium. The rosewood especially caught my eye because it really creates a stunning blend of modern and traditional. Something interesting I learned while reviewing this knife is that the rosewood does not need to be stabilized as it is a super dense hardwood. This is probably why you see it as a handle material on so many traditional knives. It also tends to have a beautiful grain, but the durability is defiantly a bonus. The knife itself features a wharncliffe blade with a Barlow style swayback. This is a unique combination, but it think it really works well on these knives. The sharpening choil is a bit larger to give more sharpening life to this knife and the blade sits just slightly deeper into the handle but is still pinchable for easy opening.

Also available this week are the TSA Knives T-shirts. They are super soft, ship for free, and I have priced them at $19.95 for a limited time, so be sure to add one to your next order!

As always, thank you for your business and continued support. Many collections will be added in the upcoming weeks, stay posted for weekly updates:)

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