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Crosscut Mammoth, Pioneer Jack, and Vintage Leather.

Jack Wolf Pioneer Jack Farmer's Knife in Fat Carbon Toxic Storm

This week has been crazy again with all the new items coming in! Vintage knives from the early to mid 1900’s continue to be added to the store daily. The whole house smells like vintage leather and I absolutely love it! It is potato harvest season here in Minnesota, so we took the opportunity to […]

The Magic Circle of Knives Collection

magic circle of knives vintage collection

This next collection includes over 300 new and vintage knives. Some of the items date back to WWI. I can only imagine the stories they could tell. Since there is such a vast variety of brands and styles to this collection it was suggested, I should call it the magic circle of knives collection. A […]

Mid-Week Treat!

GEC fixed blade knives for sale

Just an FYI to those of you who read this post, the new 2023 GEC fixed blades are in the store now! This time they have released hunters, steak knives and a slicer. The Daybreak Camo pattern is my absolute favorite. Be sure to check it out, as always supplies are limited.

Sales, New collections, and Vintage Treasures

Schatt & Morgan #03116 Stag Small Toothpick

There is so much going on this week I had to make 3 videos to explain it all! First, I want to mention that Esnyx brand knives will be going on sale for a 20% price reduction for a limited time only. You can find them here. I love the work being done by EVAN […]

Laid Back Jack

Jack Wolf Laid Back Jack re release.

Some exciting news from Jack Wolf Knives this week….the re-release of the laid-back jack will be available 8/18/2023 at 1pm CST. What is so exciting about this knife? Well, for one thing I am excited about the handle options including rosewood, purple kirinite, and titanium. The rosewood especially caught my eye because it really creates […]

Lake Huron Collection and TSA Knives updates

Reate EXO-K Aluminum-Ceramic Coated Tan N690 Stonewashed SN 0261 w/ trainer

Hi All! I have had the opportunity to go part time in my healthcare career, which means more time and resources for the TSA Knife store. This week I have been going through boxes and boxes of small collections and have finally made them available in the store. As usual there is a huge variety […]

Over 40 new knives coming to the Lake Andrew Collection soon!

Remington R-8 Stockman

Join us for an epic unboxing of over 40 vintage knives! Some of these knives are so precious that we had to use white gloves to handle them. A few snapped unintentionally despite our best efforts to handle them with tlc. Let the fun begin as we keep score to see who wins in this […]

Lake George Collection

C Risner Ohio River Jack Double Blade Green Canvas Micarta

The Lake George collection features many amazing knives from C. Risner to Chris Reave to GEC. I love the weekly opportunity to honor collectors and feature brands new to tsaknives. This is a big week as more than 50 new items will be available from high end collectables to super reasonably priced edcs. Check out […]

Lake Fiona Collection

Helle Sharpening stone Small with leather holster

There have been so many boxes on my doorstep this week it is hard to keep track of everything new coming in! There is a great variety knives, certainly something for everyone. Brands include GEC, Case, Microtech, Heretic, Helle, Kizer, Buck and many more. New and used knives are included (used items will be well […]

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