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A Little Bit About Me

Over the past few years, I have got to know many of you well, but for those of you who do not know me yet…I am the mother of two lovely girls, 2 and 4 years old. I have been serving Veterans as an MRI technologist for 15 years, and most recently I am the soul owner/operator of TSA Knives going on 3 years already.

The business was passed down to me from my dear friend and mentor Greg. I hoped to keep up the ethical and fun-loving business practice he had worked so hard to create and I have been incredibly heart warmed and pleased with the experience. My parents are farmers who always instilled the value of finding work that you love and serves others.

Sharing stories about family, faith, love, loss, and fond memories. Conversations sparked by a beloved knife or collection. The connections are what remind us we are not alone, life is good, it is fun, and it is best spent sharing it with someone who gets us no matter how far away they are.

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