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August 26, 2023

There is so much going on this week I had to make 3 videos to explain it all!

First, I want to mention that Esnyx brand knives will be going on sale for a 20% price reduction for a limited time only. You can find them here. I love the work being done by EVAN S. NICOLAIDES the maker at Esnyx knives. He is incredibly talented, and his silver line knives make it possible to get more of his designs out into the world at an approachable price. It is definably worth checking out his story at Esnyx handmade knives.

Second, I am adding a beautiful collection of Case and Great Eastern Cutlery knives dating back to 2009. New GEC Hunters and Steak knives will be coming in with this group as well as some other assorted vintage knives. All will be available in the “Lake Itasca ” Collection 8/26/2023 at 4pm cst.

Finally, I am sharing a story from a dear friend about an incredible collection of Stag and bone Case knives from the 1970’s (see YouTube video). These knives have been in a dealers display case from day one and are in pristine condition. The style of stag all matches so well I wonder if they were made by the same craftsman at the Case factory….you never know but a girl can dream.
This video will be made public on Monday, 08/28 and I just wanted to share it with you before I release it.

I look forward to seeing you in the store this weekend! Thank You, Erin

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