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Collection 2000

Collection 2000 knives for sale

March 26, 2024

Greetings, knife enthusiasts! Today, we bring you an exciting update from our collection that’s sure to pique your interest. Due to our latest acquisition’s sheer volume and weight (yes, we’re talking about 400 pounds!), I will be adding them to the store in batches.

So, what’s in this collection, you ask? Let’s say it’s a treasure trove of Frost Cutlery and Rough Rider knives, most of which have never been used, carried, or sharpened. These knives, priced between $10 to $15, are a steal for any knife enthusiast or collector. With various handle colors and materials, this collection has something for every occasion.

But that’s not all! We’ve also uncovered some special gems, including vintage Case knives in Bone and Mother of Pearl, vintage Schrade knives, and some exquisite slip joints from Solingen, Germany. And let’s not forget the novelty items! From a charming wood knife to the quintessential lipstick pen knife, and even some adorable miniatures on teeny tiny abalone that we’re considering turning into earrings, this collection has no shortage of unique finds. This collection includes some more valuable knives, which will be added later.

We’ve listed 120 knives from this collection in our store under the Collection 2000 category. However, we’re not done yet! As we continue to sift through this vast collection, we’ll add more knives to the store whenever time permits. So, be sure to browse the store often to catch the latest additions and help us reclaim access to our living room!

Please note that these knives will not appear under the recently added page due to the sheer volume of items. However, new items may be added anytime, so watch for those hidden treasures!

Thank you for joining our journey to declutter and find new homes for these amazing knives. Your support means the world to us!

Happy shopping, and here’s to a clutter-free living room!

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