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Crosscut Mammoth, Pioneer Jack, and Vintage Leather.

Jack Wolf Pioneer Jack Farmer's Knife in Fat Carbon Toxic Storm

September 22, 2023

This week has been crazy again with all the new items coming in! Vintage knives from the early to mid 1900’s continue to be added to the store daily. The whole house smells like vintage leather and I absolutely love it!

It is potato harvest season here in Minnesota, so we took the opportunity to enjoy a day out in the field filming the new pioneer jack knives by Jack Wolf. They will be available on Friday 9/22/2023 at 1pm CST. The handle materials colors paired nicely with the tractors as an added bonus! Be sure to check out the video for details.

Finally, I am so excited to announce the addition of Daniels Family Knife Brands in Crosscut Mammoth Ivory, Bone, Stag, and Burl. These knives will be available in the store Saturday 9/23/2023 at 4pm CST. I have a little video on them as well. Words will not really do them justice, the first time I held the blue crosscut mammoth Ivory Rybug in my hand I was literally speechless. It is like a beautiful piece of jewelry as much as it is like a knife!

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