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A knife that stands out in the crowd!

knives for sale

March 30, 2024

When it comes to high-end slip joints, every element is critical, from craftsmanship to the materials used This group of knives stands out from the crowd. They have a lot of elements that make them unique and desirable and something you’ll want to hold onto for a long time. Here, we have 30 unique 1 of a kind knife. All 30 are prototypes, and all have the most exceptional handle materials. These knives are a work of art. There are some variations of giraffe bone, American elk, ramshorn, various other bones, and the lovely little portal fluid edition as well I have been enjoying the shadow bolster variety because it is such a neat way to showcase the handle material and the balance on these cotton samplers where you’re still seeing plenty of metal from the blade makes them esthetically pleasing. Of course, I can appreciate a pinchable knife as I often wear gloves when I’m doing things. As always with the prototypes, we’ve got this great handwritten spec sheet and signed authentication. These knives are truly outstanding specimens. Available exclusively at TSA Knives.

knives for sale
Daniels Family Knife Brands Exclusively made for TSA Knives

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