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Quinn Lake Knife Collection Featuring Great Eastern Cutlery and Titusville.

Great Eastern Cutlery #250208 Red Hangman SN 08 knives for sale

May 14, 2024

Hey folks! Let’s chat about this Tuesday’s knife collection. We’ve got some seriously cool stuff on the horizon.

Great Eastern Cutlery

This time, we’re bringing in a variety from Great Eastern Cutlery (GEC). What makes this batch exciting is the mix. We’ve got newly released knives alongside gems from 2022 and 2023. But the real standout? A rare 2008 piece: the #25 Red Hangman, limited to just 150 units. That’s the magic of Tuesdays – you never quite know what treasures you’ll uncover. Each piece is serialized, adding to its allure.

Speaking of new arrivals, we’re thrilled to introduce the GEC #72s in Ebony and stained jigged muslin micarta. These single-blade knives are not just knives, they are works of art. The attention to detail, down to the grain, is a testament to the craftsmanship of each piece.

Great Eastern Cutlery #250208 Red Hangman SN 08 knives for sale
Great Eastern Cutlery #250208 Red Hangman SN 08 knives for sale

Now, let’s talk exclusives.

From Daniels, we’ve got TSA Knives exclusives, including the Cotton Sampler in the shadow pattern. Crafted from draft bone with a striking red hue, aptly named Velvet Cake, these are not just knives; they are collector’s items. These limited edition pieces—only six exist-are a testament to the exclusivity of our collection. Each knife is showcased individually due to the uniqueness of the bone used.

TSA Knives Exclusive Velvet Cake Giraffe Bone Cotton Sampler Shadow Pattern 1 of 6 releases today at 6pm CST!

Daniels/GEC/collection Tuesday 6pm cst Release Schedule Starting 4/23/2024 knives for sale

RoseCraft Blades Restock and Giveaway

But wait, there’s more! We’ve restocked some favorites from Rosecraft, like the vibrant orange Clinch River swayback, RCT 005. These beauties are flying off the shelves, so grab them while you can.

Oh, and remember to enter the Rosecraft giveaway before the end of the month. We’ll be announcing the winners live from Georgia at the Blade Show. Exciting times ahead!

Join us at 6 PM Central Standard Time this Tuesday for the grand reveal. The lineup is shaping up to be exciting. See you there!

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