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2024 New Years resolution

2024 New Years resolution

January 16, 2024

Normally I decide I am going to eat healthy and exercise more….but as I sit at my desk eating a hotdog for breakfast I realize that probably ain’t going to happen. I decided to set a more attainable goal this year which is to get organized.
This decision is based largely on the feedback I have received from all of you. I know the changing drop times and days are confusing and hard to keep track of and I feel like I am sending out way too many emails with updates that don’t pertain to everyone.
To combat this I have decided to release New GEC knives and private collections on Tuesdays at 6 pm CST every week, same time, same place in the store so they are easy to find. Special timed releases will continue as determined by the manufacturer such as Jack Wolf, Esnyx, Giant Mouse, etc.
There may be the occasional item added to the store through the week if they don’t fit into either of those categories but for the most part, if you are looking for traditional slip joints Tuesday is your day, if you are looking for new brands and special releases, they are primarily on Friday or Saturday.
I hope this is helpful. Please continue to share your feedback as we work to further optimize the site.
Additionally, be on the lookout for a few knives being released in the store at random times, adding an element of surprise to our offerings.

Thank You, Erin

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