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16:00 CST 5/27/2023 Lake Corona is coming your way!

16:00 CST 5/27/2023 Lake Corona is coming your way! knives for sale

May 26, 2023

Check out TSA Knives latest collection at 16:00 CST 5/27/2023. The Lake Corona collection has some really interesting items. You will see quite an assortment in this group, ranging from GEC to unique pry bars to vintage Case XX Classics. Be sure to get take a look, there is something here for everyone. For those of you who have been on the fence about trying out a pry bar, I have a $10 discount this week only for any prybar in the store. Use coupon code trypry10 at checkout to redeem this offer.

GEC 562123 EO in Rosewood and Avocado Jigged bone will be released at the same time as the Lake Corona Collection. Items will be visible in the store on Saturday 5/27/2023 at 4pm CST. As usual the countdown timer will be visible on the TSAknives.com home page as a reminder.

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