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Elementor Header #20636 knives for sale

TSAK Exclusive Lone Wolf Giraffe Bone

Titusville TSA Exclusive Lone Wolf Giraffe Bone Big Easy Cotton Sampler 1095 Carbon W/ Long Pull 1 of 6 knives for sale

The Titusville TSA Exclusive Lone Wolf Giraffe Bone Big Easy Cotton Sampler Shadow Pattern is a unique and highly collectible folding knife from Daniels Family Knife Brands.This knife has a 2.75-inch blade made from 1095 carbon steel and promises excellent durability and edge retention.The handle, crafted from elegant giraffe bone, showcases a prominent blue and […]

Excelsior by Chuck Hawes

Excelsior by Chuck Hawes knives for sale

Excelsior Knife Co. proudly presents the TSA Exclusive collection, a series of premium knives meticulously crafted by the renowned designer Chuck Hawes. These knives, including the Indigo Moon Box Elder, Red Velvet Giraffe Bone, Genuine Burnt Stag, Cosmos Box Elder, and Mermaid Blue Giraffe Bone, are adorned with Mokume bolsters and Damascus steel folders. Each […]

Daniels Magic Potion Titusville Big Easy Cotton Sampler: A Collector’s Dream

Daniels Magic Potion Titusville Big Easy Cotton Sampler 1095 Carbon W/ Long Pull 1 of 30 knives for sale

If you are a connoisseur of rare pocket knives for sale, the Daniels Magic Potion Titusville Big Easy Cotton Sampler is a must-have addition to your collection. With only 30 units crafted, this exclusive folding knife exemplifies the meticulous artistry and tradition of Daniels Family Knife Brands. Exceptional Craftsmanship and Design The heart of this […]

Quinn Lake Knife Collection Featuring Great Eastern Cutlery and Titusville.

Great Eastern Cutlery #250208 Red Hangman SN 08 knives for sale

Hey folks! Let’s chat about this Tuesday’s knife collection. We’ve got some seriously cool stuff on the horizon. Great Eastern Cutlery This time, we’re bringing in a variety from Great Eastern Cutlery (GEC). What makes this batch exciting is the mix. We’ve got newly released knives alongside gems from 2022 and 2023. But the real […]

Less is More? GEC, DFKB and Zippo.

Zippo Lighter TSA Knives Exclusive Serial #003 knives for sale

This week’s release will look a little different. Instead of bunch of knives, there will be a few very special items. For the first time ever, we will release four beautiful custom-made K’roo Knives. All four were created this April in South Africa by the prestigious Mr. O’Kelly. GEC offerings include the #488224 NF in […]

TSAK Exclusives and Lake Andrew update

Daniels/GEC/collection Tuesday 6pm cst Release Schedule Starting 4/23/2024 knives for sale

Excitement abounds at TSAK with new arrivals and timeless classics joining our Lake Andrew Collection! Plus, catch a glimpse of our dazzling TSAK Exclusive! All are coming today at 6 PM CST. 💎 TSAK Exclusive Showcase 💎 🔹 New Arrivals: Great Eastern Cutlery 🔸 Lake Andrew Collection: Newly Enhanced Mark your calendars! We unveil new […]

Daniels/GEC/collection Tuesday 6 pm CST Release Schedule Starting 4/23/2024

Tuesday 4/16/2024 knives for sale

TSA Knives Exclusive Mermaid Blue Giraffe Bone Cotton Sampler Shadow Pattern 1 of 6 releases on Tuesday, 4/23/2024, at 6 pm CST! I will also add a large vintage collection of Case knives Dating back to the 1980s to the Lake Andrew Collection, as well as new Great Eastern Cutlery knives, including the 488224 Garnet […]

A knife that stands out in the crowd!

knives for sale

When it comes to high-end slip joints, every element is critical, from craftsmanship to the materials used This group of knives stands out from the crowd. They have a lot of elements that make them unique and desirable and something you’ll want to hold onto for a long time. Here, we have 30 unique 1 […]

New knives are coming this Tuesday Afternoon.

Knife Collection News

A huge thank you to you all for your overwhelming response to the St. Patrick’s Day sale. I am still trying to catch up after filling record-high order volumes this weekend, but luckily, I still managed to add a small collection for our regular Tuesday drop. New items will be available Tuesday at 6 pm […]