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Lake Erie Collection & Shipwreck winner!

VZ Grips Punch Ripper - G-10 Dagger Black and Gray with leather Sheath

July 8, 2023

Welcome to this week’s knife collection! The Lake Erie Collection is filled with fun items from GEC including a few from 2017 and the recently released lockback in Green Jigged bone and Rosewood. Also new this week is an assortment of knives and personal defense items from VZ Grips. These guys are unique as they are made entirely without the use of metal. VZ Grips products are machined from a solid piece of their proprietary G-10 material. This stuff is lightweight but also non-conductive, making it undetectable to most metal detectors. They are durable and have some unique and attractive designs. I particularly like the punch ripper because it fits so well in the hand and couldn’t be easily removed from your grip. The company Advertises “it is great for opening boxes …or anything else.”

Now for the news you have all been waiting for…..This week’s winner of the Shipwrecked GM Clyde is lucky applicant #49. Congratulations Al! I hope you enjoy the knife, please note there may be some tear drops on it as Kris is having difficulty parting with it. Thanks to the approximately 100 folks who took the time to enter. I appreciate your feedback and warm greetings on the e-mailed drawing entries. I look forward to doing another one soon!

The Lake Erie Collection will be visible on the online store 7/8/2023 at 4pm cst.

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