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Big News: Exclusive Jack Wolf Knives Sale!

Jack Wolf Sharpshooter Jack: Exquisite pocket knives for sale.

April 9, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration with Jack Wolf Knives, renowned for its high-quality and meticulously crafted knives. Starting April 12th, 2024, at 11 AM CST, we’re bringing you an exclusive opportunity to own a piece of this exceptional craftsmanship at unbeatable prices.

Factory Seconds Sale – 40% Off!

For the first time, we’re offering our customers Jack Wolf Knives factory seconds. These knives didn’t pass Jack Wolf’s strict cosmetic quality control standards but are still top-notch in performance and durability. Each unique knife has its own character and story, making it even more special. Get your hands on these rare finds at a whopping 40% discount!

Regular Collection Sale – 20% Off!

But that’s not all! We’re also marking down our regular collection of Jack Wolf Knives by 20%. This includes the remaining stock of the following lines:

  • Gunslinger Jack (Old variants)
  • Midnight Jack
  • Sharpshooter Jack
  • After Hours Jack
  • Little Bro Jack
  • Vampire Jack
  • Pioneer Jack
  • Laid Back Jack
  • Feelgood Jack
  • Big Bro Jack
  • Javelina Jack
  • Low Drag Jack
  • Venom Jack
  • Cyborg Jack
  • Benny’s Clip
  • K9 Jack

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the world of high-quality knives, this is the perfect chance to add a Jack Wolf knife to your collection without breaking the bank.

Check Out Our Video!

Dive deeper into what makes Jack Wolf Knives so special and get a sneak peek at some of the knives on sale in our latest YouTube video.

Don’t Miss Out!

This sale is a rare opportunity that you won’t want to miss. If you haven’t already, sign up to stay updated on this and other exciting offers. Mark your calendars for April 12th and get ready to own a piece of exceptional craftsmanship at an incredible price!

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