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Elementor Header #20636 knives for sale

Quinn Lake Knife Collection Featuring Great Eastern Cutlery and Titusville.

Great Eastern Cutlery #250208 Red Hangman SN 08 knives for sale

Hey folks! Let’s chat about this Tuesday’s knife collection. We’ve got some seriously cool stuff on the horizon. Great Eastern Cutlery This time, we’re bringing in a variety from Great Eastern Cutlery (GEC). What makes this batch exciting is the mix. We’ve got newly released knives alongside gems from 2022 and 2023. But the real […]

Less is More? GEC, DFKB and Zippo.

Zippo Lighter TSA Knives Exclusive Serial #003 knives for sale

This week’s release will look a little different. Instead of bunch of knives, there will be a few very special items. For the first time ever, we will release four beautiful custom-made K’roo Knives. All four were created this April in South Africa by the prestigious Mr. O’Kelly. GEC offerings include the #488224 NF in […]

TSAK Exclusives and Lake Andrew update

Daniels/GEC/collection Tuesday 6pm cst Release Schedule Starting 4/23/2024 knives for sale

Excitement abounds at TSAK with new arrivals and timeless classics joining our Lake Andrew Collection! Plus, catch a glimpse of our dazzling TSAK Exclusive! All are coming today at 6 PM CST. 💎 TSAK Exclusive Showcase 💎 🔹 New Arrivals: Great Eastern Cutlery 🔸 Lake Andrew Collection: Newly Enhanced Mark your calendars! We unveil new […]

Great Eastern and Vintage Goodies

Great Eastern and Vintage Goodies knives for sale

We are going to add to Pearl Lake one more time! This week’s offerings will include over twenty Great Eastern Knives dating back to 2019 and a collection of discounted and vintage items—as many as I can find time to put in the store. Thank you for following these Tuesday drops and making them a […]

Introducing Great Eastern Cutlery’s Finest Selection: The #620324 Series in Rosedale Richlite, Prototype Green Banana Bone, and Orange Delrin, Alongside #143223 Autumn Peach Seed Bone & #130224 Black Maple Richlite

Great Eastern Cutlery #620324 Smooth Rotten Banana Bone knives for sale

Great Eastern Cutlery’s latest masterpieces, crafted for connoisseurs like you. I am thrilled to reveal the #620324 Rosedale Richlite, a knife that encapsulates elegance in every detail. Be among the first to experience the beauty of the #620324 Smooth Green Banana Bone PROTOTYPE, a true collector’s find and a testament to the knifemaker’s craft. Embrace […]

GEC Remington Bullet is in store now, listed at pricing minimum

REMINGTON 2023 Bullet Hawkbill "The One That Got Away" R693 by Great Eastern Cutlery knives for sale

In our recent Instagram post, you may have noticed a hawkbill on this charcuterie board. This photo might not make sense to you, but it does allow me to advertise in more places. It got me thinking about what this blade shape is for; indeed, it is not for cutting cheese.   You could use this […]

New knives are coming this Tuesday Afternoon.

Knife Collection News

A huge thank you to you all for your overwhelming response to the St. Patrick’s Day sale. I am still trying to catch up after filling record-high order volumes this weekend, but luckily, I still managed to add a small collection for our regular Tuesday drop. New items will be available Tuesday at 6 pm […]

More Lakes, More treasures!

Great Eastern Cutlery #871223 Northfield Tortoise Shell Acrylic (1 of 30) knives for sale

This week is very special, we will be introducing 2 high-impact knife collections. Collection #1 will be in the Lake Nokomis Category and will contain the largest known collection of tortoise Shell Acrylic Knives By Great Eastern Cutlery. Many of you know the previous owner as an active and enthusiastic GEC collected and curator of […]

Tuesday’s Knife Collection.

New From Great Eastern Cutlery

As it continues to be way too cold here (as low as-25) I have been combating Cabbin Feaver by adding knives to the store! This Tuesday’s knife collections include yet another addition to Lake Andrew, with custom made knives by J.E. Darby and Larry Dula. These knives are in pristine condition and were completely hand […]

Sales, New collections, and Vintage Treasures

Schatt & Morgan #03116 Stag Small Toothpick

There is so much going on this week I had to make 3 videos to explain it all! First, I want to mention that Esnyx brand knives will be going on sale for a 20% price reduction for a limited time only. You can find them here. I love the work being done by EVAN […]