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More Lakes, More treasures!

Great Eastern Cutlery #871223 Northfield Tortoise Shell Acrylic (1 of 30) knives for sale

This week is very special, we will be introducing 2 high-impact knife collections. Collection #1 will be in the Lake Nokomis Category and will contain the largest known collection of tortoise Shell Acrylic Knives By Great Eastern Cutlery. Many of you know the previous owner as an active and enthusiastic GEC collected and curator of […]

Tuesday’s Knife Collection.

New From Great Eastern Cutlery

As it continues to be way too cold here (as low as-25) I have been combating Cabbin Feaver by adding knives to the store! This Tuesday’s knife collections include yet another addition to Lake Andrew, with custom made knives by J.E. Darby and Larry Dula. These knives are in pristine condition and were completely hand […]

Sales, New collections, and Vintage Treasures

Schatt & Morgan #03116 Stag Small Toothpick

There is so much going on this week I had to make 3 videos to explain it all! First, I want to mention that Esnyx brand knives will be going on sale for a 20% price reduction for a limited time only. You can find them here. I love the work being done by EVAN […]

What’s Happening:

jack wolf gunslinger jack knife packaging

There is so much new stuff coming in it is crazy! This week There will be over 50 new GEC items available in the online store including a wide variety of hunters, the #72123 LB, the #542123, and a collection of earlier releases from Great Eastern Cutlery. Please note, GEC Hunters will be sold with […]

Welcome to TSA Knives 2.0

knives for sale

Hi All! If you are seeing this, congratulations, you are connected to TSA Knives 2.0! To celebrate the new improved website, I will be sharing a large collection of premier Stag GECs provided by my dear friend and longtime knife collector. Each knife in this collection has been handpicked and if you check out the […]