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Daniels Family Knife Brands

Daniels Family Knife Brands knives for sale
Discover the illustrious history of knife craftsmanship with Daniels Family Knife Brands for sale. Since the 1940s, the Daniels family has shaped the knife industry, learning and trading at traditional markets and iconic knife shows. With mentorship from legends like Jim Parker and Frank Buster, they’ve honed their craft, establishing revered brands like The Queen Classics and Great Eastern Cutlery.Today, Daniels Family Knife Brands offers the prestigious Excelsior Knife Company line and continues the legacy of Tuna Valley Cutlery Co., tailored for modern collectors. Each knife, crafted by skilled artisans, embodies tradition and unparalleled quality. Explore our collection of Daniels knives for sale, a testament to generations dedicated to the art of knife making. Experience their heritage at knife shows, where you can witness the craftsmanship and discover the latest projects from these esteemed brands.

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