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Round Lake Collection

Round Lake Knife Collection

We are back on track for our various knives on collection Tuesdays at 6 pm CST. This week’s collection is titled Round Lake and includes offerings from McNees, Queen, GEC, Daniels, Case, RR, Paragon, Damned Design, and so many more. We also have lots of fun deals coming up, including a huge collection of “Rescue […]

Great Eastern Cutlery Rendezvous.

Great Eastern Cutlery Randesvous

Last week was an eventful week for knife lovers. While we were at the Blade Show, GEC was conducting their epic annual Rendezvous. Even though I could not attend, I got a handful of knives to share with you all. Over 50 GECs will be added to the store for this Tuesday’s drop (6 pm […]

Blade Show 2024 Finds Are Here

Blade Show 2024 Finds Are Here knives for sale

As life returns to normal, I am curating a selection of exclusive knives that I found interesting, just for you, our valued customers. This week’s batch introduces a diverse range of knives, each with its own unique features. From the precision of Waterville Cutlery to the innovation of K’roo, the craftsmanship of Daedalus Knife Co., […]

Blade Show 2024 Recap

Blade Show knives

The Blade Show was crazy! If you haven’t been to one, I highly recommend it. It is a great time to connect with the knife community and pick up some fun new products. Over the next weeks, I will add Blade Show Atlanta 2024 exclusive items, so stay tuned for all the goodies. The video […]

TSAK Exclusive Lone Wolf Giraffe Bone

Titusville TSA Exclusive Lone Wolf Giraffe Bone Big Easy Cotton Sampler 1095 Carbon W/ Long Pull 1 of 6 knives for sale

The Titusville TSA Exclusive Lone Wolf Giraffe Bone Big Easy Cotton Sampler Shadow Pattern is a unique and highly collectible folding knife from Daniels Family Knife Brands.This knife has a 2.75-inch blade made from 1095 carbon steel and promises excellent durability and edge retention.The handle, crafted from elegant giraffe bone, showcases a prominent blue and […]


Vacation Drops knives for sale

Hey Guys, I wanted to include a brief history of Imperial knives in this Tuesday’s drop. The drop includes 50 Vintage USA-made Knives bearing the imperial name. I grabbed some interesting info from Wikipedia: “The Imperial Knife Company had its roots at the Empire Knife Company in Winsted, Connecticut. In 1916, two men named Felix […]

Case Mini Toothpick Collection

Vacation Drops knives for sale

I had so much fun taking pictures of this fun collection of case Mini Toothpicks! This group of knives will be available in the store along with this week’s new Daniels SFO on Tuesday, 6/4/2024, at 6 p.m. CST.

Excelsior by Chuck Hawes

Excelsior by Chuck Hawes knives for sale

Excelsior Knife Co. proudly presents the TSA Exclusive collection, a series of premium knives meticulously crafted by the renowned designer Chuck Hawes. These knives, including the Indigo Moon Box Elder, Red Velvet Giraffe Bone, Genuine Burnt Stag, Cosmos Box Elder, and Mermaid Blue Giraffe Bone, are adorned with Mokume bolsters and Damascus steel folders. Each […]

Daniels Magic Potion Titusville Big Easy Cotton Sampler: A Collector’s Dream

Daniels Magic Potion Titusville Big Easy Cotton Sampler 1095 Carbon W/ Long Pull 1 of 30 knives for sale

If you are a connoisseur of rare pocket knives for sale, the Daniels Magic Potion Titusville Big Easy Cotton Sampler is a must-have addition to your collection. With only 30 units crafted, this exclusive folding knife exemplifies the meticulous artistry and tradition of Daniels Family Knife Brands. Exceptional Craftsmanship and Design The heart of this […]