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Blade Show 2024 Finds Are Here

Blade Show 2024 Finds Are Here knives for sale

As life returns to normal, I am curating a selection of exclusive knives that I found interesting, just for you, our valued customers. This week’s batch introduces a diverse range of knives, each with its own unique features. From the precision of Waterville Cutlery to the innovation of K’roo, the craftsmanship of Daedalus Knife Co., […]

Less is More? GEC, DFKB and Zippo.

Zippo Lighter TSA Knives Exclusive Serial #003 knives for sale

This week’s release will look a little different. Instead of bunch of knives, there will be a few very special items. For the first time ever, we will release four beautiful custom-made K’roo Knives. All four were created this April in South Africa by the prestigious Mr. O’Kelly. GEC offerings include the #488224 NF in […]

It’s Official: We Sell K’roo Knives!

It's Official: We Sell K'roo Knives! knives for sale

I am so excited to welcome K’roo Blades to the TSA Knives store. Discover the Unique Artistry of K’roo Knives: A Spotlight on Custom Creations If you’re a knife enthusiast, you’re probably familiar with the name K’roo Blades. Based in the Great Karoo desert region of South Africa, this father-and-son team has carved a niche […]