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Vintage English jack knife I*XL George Wostenholm Sheffield England

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George Wostenholm started in Sheffield England in 1745 and was bought out by Joseph Rodger’s in 1971. Then there Washington Works Cutlery was demolished in 1978. They were one of the longest running Cutlery’s in the Sheffield history. The trademark IX*L means “I will excel” This single blade jack has cast-iron handles twith faux jigging and IX*L in relief. The cast handle knives were made for ordinary working class people. They were an economy knife and sold cheap. The forged blades and springs were still the same high grade carbon steel used in the higher grade knives. The handles were cast, painted black, spring and blade fitted and knocked together. They were sold and most were used up. Occasionally you will find one and they were made in various patterns like the hawk-bill, lambs foot, regular jack etc… This English jack knife has a half stop, no blade wobble and excellent snap. The blade is I-XL George Wostenholm Sheffield England. The overall length closed is 3 1/8″


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