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Smith & Son’s Mudbug in Natural Burlap Micarta and D2 Steel


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THE MUDBUG IS BACK Just before the world shut down in early 2020, we began working on a prototype for the knife you see here today. To say we had a few setbacks might be an understatement: Covid shutdowns, 2 major hurricanes, and building a new shop just to name a few. We kept our nose to the grindstone (quite literally in some cases) and pushed forward because we knew folks wanted this knife and we needed to do whatever it took to get it to them. So over the past 2 1/2 years we’ve searched tirelessly to locate materials and commission parts from only the finest sources throughout the US and EU. Each lock is skillfully filed, each spring is hand-bent, each blade is carefully sharpened, and each knife is meticulously built in-house to the exacting standards for which we’ve become known. All this to provide you with a quality folding knife with rock solid lockup. So in other words, the Mudbug is officially back! New Features: -Stainless hardware for better adjustment and serviceability -Stop pin for added rigidity and to eliminate lock bar slap/compression when closed -Bronze pivot washers for smooth operation -Hand filed/buffed lock fitment, tuned individually to ensure rock solid lockup for each knife. -Hand bent spring, tuned to each knife. -3D machined Ergonomic burlap micarta handle scales

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