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Quiet Carry IQ in Titanium M390 Liner Lock


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Knife Pictured is the actual knife you will receive.

The iQ-L comes with a frame lock style locking mechanism and includes a stainless steel lock bar insert. The blade is made with M390 steel which is known for its toughness and edge retention – add the sheepsfoot-style blade and you have a knife that excels with scoring and slicing tasks. A modern minimal everyday knife that is designed specifically to be slim and lightweight. Handles are 3D machined.



Details about Quiet Carry IQ in Titanium M390 Liner Lock

SKU: dOifTg-59-32
Knife type: Folding
Brand: Quiet Carry
Condition: Previously owned, never used, carried or sharpened
Blade material: M390
Handle material: Titanium
Blade length: 3.5"
Closed length: 4.25"
Overall length: 7.75"
Prominent color: Black
Weight: 2.9 OZ
Shetah: None