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Pair of Vintage Sheffield Ibberson Folding Knives


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George Ibberson Sheffield  England 1700-1988. They adopted the violin trademark in 1893. Joseph & William Ibberson owned the knife works from 1921 to 1941. The last location was at the violin works location on Rockingham Street, Sheffield.  These Ibberson pen knives are amazing quality and function very smoothly. The blades have no wobble and excellent snap. Blades have factory  edges. The smaller knife is engraved with Deon Smith Grace LTD outlined by a metal lathe on the stainless handles. The master blade is stamped Ibberson Sheffield England and rear stainless steel. The pen is marked with the trademark, Violin Sheffield made. It is 3 1/8″ long closed.  The second knife is engraved Ballantine Scotch Whiskey on the front and George Ballantine & Son LTD. Established 1827 Glasgow Scotland on the rear handle. Both blades have no wobble, smooth operation, excellent snap and factory edges. The master blade is stamped, with the violin 🎻 trademark, G. Ibberson & Co. and Firth stainless on the rear. The pen blade is stamped with the trademark Violin, G. Ibberson & Co. and the rear marked Made in England Sheffield. The handles have finger notches for easy access to the pulls. Both knives have sunken hinges design to protect your pocket. Both knives have typical light handling stamps. They don’t appear to have seen any use or very little. The pen knives are of high quality.

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