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Giant Mouse Brass Key Fob Bottle opener


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Giant Mouse Brass Key Fob Bottle opener We believe that there is something inherently pleasant in tactile experiences that were the norm in past generations, but are much less common today. When was the last time you wrote with a fountain pen? Or wound the crown on a manual-wind watch? Or used the nail nick on a slipjoint knife because there was no other way to open it ( hint )? And when was the last time you checked into a cool old hotel, and were handed an actual key that you had to insert into a lock and turn to enter your room? We love these types of tactile experiences – the nostalgia, the memories. So we put our heads together and imagined that we had a such a cool old hotel. Our rooms would have doors with worn brass door knobs with key holes. Our room keys would be attached to brass key fobs, tarnished and worn from years and years of use. The GiantMouse Hotel may just be a hole in the wall, but we know you’ll enjoy your stay. Thank you for checking in, and remember, your key fob doubles as a bottle opener for that ice cold bottle waiting for you in your room. PLEASE NOTE:  Your GiantMouse Hotel Key Fob is solid brass, and may arrive with some patina or tarnish already beginning to appear. 1.8oz (51g) 52mm long / 6mm thick

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