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DG Firesteel Leather Belt Pouch

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DG Firesteel Leather Belt Pouch   The Swedish Fire Steel Army model has become one of the most popular  fire starters carried by outdoorsman.  One of the problems has been a  convenient yet flexible method of carrying it with you.  In  collaboration of Knife Leather Traditions, we’re offering the best  solution yet. This snug fitting top quality leather sheath can be  attached to your belt for a close fit to your hip OR lashed to a pack  with the supplied paracord.  Mean while, you’re comfortable knowing the  FireSteel is held snugly in the sheath which even has a cutout to tuck  the metal striker so it’s isn’t hanging loose to catch on something.  Knife  Leather Traditions also makes the sheaths TSA Knives sells for the  Great Eastern Knives and has quickly built a reputation as a maker a  very high quality leather products.  All of Dave’s products are made one  at a time by hand to deliver years of service. These come in  natural, undyed tan leather with approximately 4′ of Paracord for  lashing and can be ordered with or without a Genuine Swedish FireSteel.


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