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Bradford Chef Knife AEB-L Steel Microtextured Black G-10

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Bradford Chef Knife AEB-L Steel Microtextured Black G-10


Our Chef knife is designed to be one of your most used knives in the kitchen.  A light, thin, and great slicing knife; it is a perfect companion to our paring knife.  Our Chef knife is made out of AEB-L stainless steel and treated to a Rockwell of 61 by Peters Heat Treat.  The Chef blade is thin, just like our culinary line; offering a perfect balance, weight, and 7.4 inches of cutting edge.  This knife edge offers a great rocking motion when cutting due to its thin profile and light weight.  This knife will fit in most kitchen blocks.  Tumbled to a satin stonewash finish, our proof of tooling can be seen on this great blade.  We recommend hand washing and a light oiling prior to storage.

Product Details

Edge Type
Thin (.010/.011)
Leather Sleeve
Blade Material Options
61 Rc.
Blade Style
Finish Options
Satin Stonewash
Handle Material Options
Microtextured Black G-10
Blade Thickness
.100″ Distal Taper
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