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Argali Serac Sunset orange with Custom Sheath

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Argali Serac Sunset orange with Custom Sheath

The Argali Serac is a lightweight, backcountry hunting knife with a full handle grip and a modified skinning style blade designed to cut up any big game animal without needing to be sharpened. Complete with a ferro rod striker built into the spine of the knife, we designed the Serac for those that prefer a deeper belly knife, but still want a “do it all” knife for field butchering. With a deep belly and a drop point blade tip for tight spaces and detail work, the Serac has the functionality of a skinning and a caping knife. Made in the USA from super premium S35VN steel for long lasting edge retention, the Serac is a “one knife” solution for hunters that prefer a deeper belly blade in an ultralight package.

Why S35VN Steel-In order to make a knife that would hold an edge to cut an entire elk without needing to be sharpened, we wanted the best steel on the market. We wanted a steel that could hold an edge, but wasn’t so hard that you couldn’t field hone it if you needed to. With its’ high Chromium and Vanadium content, as well as the structural alignment of the steel that occurs during the heat treatment, S35VN is simply the best steel on the market for hunting knives with its’ unmatched durability, hardness, edge retention and corrosion resistance.

Knife Pictured is the actual knife you will receive.

SKU: sdx-27
Knife type: Fixed
Brand: Argali
Condition: Previously owned, never used, carried or sharpened
Blade material: S35VN
Handle material: G10
Blade length: 3"
Overall length: 7.25"
Prominent color: Green
Weight: 2.2 OZ
Shetah: Kydex

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