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Boos Blades

Boos Blades Knives For sale
Boos Blades, founded by Kansas City native Will, is driven by a burning passion for knives and a relentless desire to create. Will began with the Aero, his first knife design, born during his college CAD project. Encouraged by its success, he established Boos Blades in 2017, committed to crafting exceptional blades. Will took manufacturing into his own hands, acquiring a 2004 Sharp CNC machine in 2018. With relentless determination, he became a self-taught machinist, absorbing knowledge from countless videos and machinist forums. The pursuit of excellence didn’t stop there; Will also mastered knife finishing and sharpening, ensuring the utmost quality for their in-house knives. Boos Blades expresses immense gratitude for the unwavering support received, constantly striving to deliver exquisitely machined, minimalist knives. They cater to aspiring custom knife enthusiasts and offer production knives with sleek designs at affordable prices.

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