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Al Mar

Al Mar Knives for sale
Discover Al Mar Knives for sale at our store! Founded by Al Mar in 1979, our knives boast over 40 years of quality and innovation. Born in the U.S.A. to Chinese immigrants, Al Mar’s journey from serving in a Green Beret special operations group in Vietnam to earning a master’s degree in industrial design led to his mission: blending custom knife quality with mass production methods. His extensive martial arts and military experiences shaped knives initially tailored for police and military use, expanding to high-quality hunting, fishing, kitchen, and gentlemen’s gift knives as the company grew.Al Mar’s legacy, recognized in the Fighting Knives Magazine and Blade Magazine Hall of Fame, lives on in our commitment to crafting knives that merge custom-quality design and innovation. Explore our range of Al Mar knives for sale today, continuing the tradition of excellence initiated by a man of utmost respect.

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